Harvard World Records is a place where talent is Appreciated and Approached.

  • We as an initiative look up to every niche and uplift these talents and give them their due recognition and appreciation by noticing the hidden knacks.
  • Being a Harvard World Record Holder will give you the self-satisfaction that you set a goal for yourself that no one else on Earth ever achieved and succeeded.

Make your mark now. Make your mark today. Make your mark forever.


Our purpose is you!

  • We are eager to find and reach your extraordinary talent and wants to create a platform where your speciality and uniqueness are appreciated,
  • Where helping hands are forwarded,
  • Talents are acknowledged.
  • We will be working to give you personal accomplishment (That's a Win-Win for anyone!).

We will be providing every bit of support.


Harvard world records mission revolves around people.

  • We want them to feel free to approach us at any time and trust us with their extraordinary talents. Such exceptional aptitude is supposed to be valued.
  • We will provide all the necessary resources to talented individuals for better encouragement and appreciation.


Harvard World Records is a global international organization with headquarters situated in London and India.

Our ultimate aim is to recognize adept talent across the globe and provide them with the incentive and recognition they deserve.

We are solely dedicated to revering the tremendous talent we have around the world and showcasing it to the world.