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What makes a Harvard World Record Title?

We, Harvard World Records recognize and acknowledge all the remarkable achievements and talents and try our best to bring them before the eyes of the world.

To register a World Record on any name or proclaim someone or something as the supreme among all, it is crucial for us to set certain parameters, under which attempt for records is governed with the utmost attention. We intend to do just to the applicants and titles, in order to do so we remain strict with our policies to maintain the code and standard.

Given below are some points that should be taken into consideration.

  • Records are meant to be broken, so it is advised that the record you’re trying to register on your name should be breakable. Record titles should be an open challenge and accessible to others.

  • Records that are based on abstract quality or quantity are not entertained.

  • Beauty, kindness, love, affection, etc. are non-measurable and are not considered to be recorded in our Books. Record title should be measurable in the unit so that it can be awarded such as strongest, heaviest, longest, etc.

  • Records are maintained to be published in our book and website, so it is recommended that records should be verifiable, which can be photographed documented.

If you’re up to with a new head to be entered into HWR, we will set a minimum requirement so that if anyone else can do it better, it should be challengeable as well accessible so that no talent goes in vain. As a responsible part of our community, Harvard World Records, in no way think or intends to harm guidelines and ethics of the community. We acknowledge values of integrity, respect, compassion, and sincerity towards our applicants, bystanders, adjudicators, and viewers and in no way encourage any such record that breaches the ethics and guidelines of the community. We extend certain internal policies and request our applicants to be discreet towards them. If you’re willing to make World Record under any head, make sure that the points listed below are strictly prohibited.

  • Any unsuitable activity that can directly or indirectly cause harm or danger to spectators or any being.

  • Any activity that endangers animals.

  • Any activity that can cause the slightest harm to the life of animals or birds.

  • Any record, that leads to food wastage.

  • Any record that causes harm to the environment and nature.

  • For minors, any record that involves consumption of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.

  • Any illegal activity that is forbidden in a region, area, or country.

  • Policies are reviewed and updated under the guidance and assistance of experts in regular intervals.