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Record Policies

Harvard World Records look forward to bring forth the unusual talent, the extraordinary skill, the bizarre knack, the incredible art that too in the most validate and verified state. For maintaining our high standards and extreme code, we’ve strict policies, which no matter what, should be adhered to for all our record breaking statements. All the records are assessed, keeping in mind the highest integrity and values of community guidelines, we strictly adhere to the guidelines and ethics of community and expect from all our records achievement to reflect this.

Policies are reviewed and updated at regular intervals under guidance of our experts and on basis of feedbacks received from our viewers.

The list of policy goes as follow:

  • Environment Awareness

    Shall any record be causing harm or danger to environment in any form will not be recorded. Releasing of any such thing that has harmful emission is prohibited in our record book.

  • Consumption of Noxious products

    Harvard World Records does not accept any record that related to the consumption of noxious products such as tobacco, cannabis or nicotine products.

  • Obnoxious/Malapropos

    Harvard World Records does not accept or review application that encourages any obnoxious or inappropriate.

  • Voluntary Participation

    Applicants who are participating in making or breaking World Record must know that their participation must be voluntary, any organiser who is making record by involving number of people should make it clear to the participants about their participation. No participants are influenced or forced by us to enrol for title.

  • Alcohol

    No record such as fastest drinking, binge drinking of alcohol are entertained by us.

  • Specially-able people

    Harvard World Records welcomes people with any kind of disability. In no manner we discriminate people on basis of ability. People with disability are only advised not to undertake any record that may anyhow bring harm to them.

  • Minors

    Minors who are undertaking any record that is unsuitable for them should refrain from doing so. For minors, we do not monitor weight lifting records which are repetitive in nature. Minors who are applying for any record should have a written consent from their parents/guardian.

  • Excessive or Over eating

    Records related to excessive eating are not monitored under our strict policies. Records which are made for fastest eating in small quantities in short time are considered. Records for excessive eating are strictly not allowed.

  • Political Propaganda

    Harvard World Records does not entertain any record that is influenced or motivated by any kind of political agenda. Harvard aims at acknowledging talent and skills which are not influenced politically. We accept applications which are politically neutral.

  • Animal protection

    Any records that endanger animals or cause harm to them are not allowed. It is advised that no animals should put under stress for setting any record. Records related to animals should be made without any physical contact with trainer or owner. Safety of animals even in such attempt of making records should be prioritized anyway. Activities which may leave long-term effect over the body of the participants are not documented. Records which may cause harm or danger to the life of spectators are not encouraged. It should be taken care that activity that results in food wastage should not be registered. Records related to kitchen or cooking should be done under proper inspection following standard set as per the food law.