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Harvard World Records aims to establish itself as the most promising and susceptible organization of all time. Our objective is to give a prominent stage for individuals to create a world record. To maintain the ideal platform we’ve come up with certain guidelines to suit the title you’ve chosen.


Harvard consists of certain guidelines which are the basic rule that all those who are attempting a record must follow by providing us with clear evidence. It means how it needs to be done and what you need to submit to create a record.

Guidelines are necessary to make the record standardized and verified.


  • It's necessary to read guidelines before the attempt to record
  • Different records have different guidelines
  • All rules must be followed
  • Evidence must be submitted by the owner of the record title.


  1. General and specific guidelines with the procedure and documentation are sent to the participant through email after the initial application is accepted.
  2. All the information, legal work, record definition, record and category guidelines, and evidence checklist must be read very carefully.
  3. In case of violation of any guideline, your application will be terminated and will not be reviewed.
  4. Harvard world record is not responsible for the risk involved, and also for any mishap while attempting a record
  5. In case of records of the tallest, the largest, the heaviest, etc the measurements shall be taken in presence of a witness or HWR adjudicator.