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How to register yourself in the book?

To break a record, you need to be extraordinary. It requires hard work, willpower, and courage to leave all the desire and focus on your goal. If you are preparing for an existing record, you need to first go through the existing record thoroughly and try to find the ways in which you can do the job better, there is always a better way for everything.

If you are going for some new title just make sure you go through the book and there doesn't exist that title before as it may already have been accomplished or registered in the same area and you are back to square one. If you’re up to with some new heading or new title to be added into our record book, it is recommended that you invest more time, search and go through our current titles, as it may already have been registered or accomplished in the same area.

For the new ideas for the titles just make sure that it does not exist already, it should be absolutely different from the existing ones and should exhibit some unique skills.

It's not necessary that the suggestions for a new record will be accepted immediately as many of the applications are refused as they have fallen in a similar heading or have been posted already.

Instead, just be thorough with the guidelines which are mentioned here and have a happy and smooth journey!

  • REVISE the world records Database patiently

    Have a great look at the site, the previously registered records, and also pay attention to the criteria of breaking the records.
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    Choose the record(s) to set your goal

    With your extraordinary skill and hard work, you can break the already existing record or create a new one.
    Firstly, the application starts with a search to find out if the record you want already exists. If it does, then you need to apply for that and you will get the guidelines. But if the record you want to set doesn't exist in the book then you will have to apply to set a new record.
  • Apply and we will respond

    Your application may take a while to get attained,6-7 weeks or so. Even if your application gets rejected we will let you know that it has been rejected with the cause of rejection. If there is a deadline from your end, you can buy our priority application services(charges apply). Note: If you're a brand or an agency please follow our service route.
  • Understand our guidelines properly

    Devote your time in understanding our guidelines as it may avoid the chances of rejection. A healthy number of applications get rejected just because of the carelessness in following the rules and norms of the book. Lacking a small detail can fail the record even if your attempt was successful.
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  • Practice makes a man perfect

    Getting a tag of being the best at something is fascinating.It is not a piece of a cake,not everyone's cup of tea. So you need to be extraordinary and prepared which comes by PRACTICE. Sharpen your talent and brace yourself. Register only if you think you are eligible and you can do it.
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    Be ready for the day!

    Decide a date and pick a time slot and keep all the necessary evidence(s) and witness(es) ready! Be sure that you have everything it demands, gather experts,arrange a photographer(s)and videographer(s) to get your important day and the historic moment captured!