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Invite an adjudicator

Claim your fame on the Harvard World Records

What would be more exhilarating than a visit of an Assessor from the Harvard World Records?

It’s going to give rise to a sense of immense prominence, draw the attention of the media and intensify the sentimental connection between your brand and the audience.

Benefit from:

  • Service to manage your accounts: Your application form will be completed by us on your behalf.
  • Master planning: Instantaneous processing of your application and receipt of guidelines for your record.
  • An In Depth explanation of guidelines for your record to maximise the prospect of a record winning attempt.
  • Immediate verification of your record winning attempt which is needful for audience and media involvement.
  • Photo opportunities for Journalism interview with an authorized Harvard World Records certificate presentation.
  • Expanded media coverage, awareness and joy of attempting a record before and after with official license of the Official Attempt logo and Official Record Holder logos.