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About Harvard-India Talent Hunt

For standard applications, we usually respond within 12 weeks, due to the huge amount of received applications.. But, for clients who believe in "Time is Money", we offer our priority application service. This will enable you to receive a response within 5 business days. Key features of PRIORITY APPLICATION SERVICES -

  • This campaign is for all energetic, enthusiasts and exquisite individuals who have something extraordinary to show the world.
  • Harvard World Records have yet again got you something extraordinary to challenge your adrenaline rush.
  • Through this campaign we'll be selecting talents from all over India to apply with us for creating a world record.
  • Press the Apply button below, and change your future.

Time Frames

  • After you have submitted your application, it may take up to 24 Hrs to get in touch with you and after that, we’ll get back to you with further steps.
  • If you want a Record consultancy, you can go with the Record consultancy Service as an alternative and you’ll receive a response from our officials within two days.
  • Once you’ve uploaded the evidence of your attempt along with the testimonials, it may take another Week for us to assess the evidence.